5.4 Add Keyboard Layout

The default language for Active@ Boot Disk is English. You can add an alternate language keyboard functional layout in order to give a file a descriptive name or when recording notes about changes made to the system.

A typical English keyboard layout (called QWERTY) may be suitable for many Latin-based languages. With the French keyboard layout (AZERTY) the key associations produce a different result on the screen.

You must be familiar with the different key associations to use a different language keyboard layout.

To add a keyboard layout:

  • 1. From the Active@ Boot Disk shell, click Start > Utilities > Add Keyboard Layout.
    Active@ Boot Disk shell. Keyboard
  • 2. The Add Keyboard Layout dialog box appears.
    Add Keyboard Layout
  • 2. Choose the radio button for the alternate keyboard layout that you want to use.
  • 3. Click Set. A short form for the current keyboard layout will appear in the system tray area. The alternate keyboard layout has been set.
  • 4. To toggle between the default keyboard layout and the alternate keyboard layout, press Left ALT+SHIFT on the keyboard.