A Raw Disk Image is a mirror copy of your entire logical drive or physical device stored as set of files.

Depending on disk image creation settings, a Raw Disk Image has of a configuration file each file has a size of 2Gb (with an extension .DIM) and a single file chunk, or set of files having extensions .000, .001, .002 (each file chunk has a size of 2GBb in this case).

If you do something wrong while attempting to recover a partition, you will be able to recover these deleted files and folders from the Raw Disk Image of that partition.

boot disk note

Do not save a Raw Disk Image back onto the disk that you are backing up. The target location to save the Raw Disk Image must always be another drive.

How to create a Raw Disk Image?

  1. Select a logical drive or a physical device from workspace
  2. For creating disk image dialog box click Image
  3. Select another physical device or another logical drive in the Save In drop-down list
  4. Browse to the folder where you want to save the Disk Image.
  5. In File Name, give the Disk Image file a descriptive name.
  6. Click Save and a progress bar appears. Watch the progress and wait while drive's contents are copied to the new location. You may cancel the process of image creation anytime by clicking Stop.
boot disk software note

Detailed instructions and support:
Active@ Partition Recovery User Guide.