3.2 Active@ Data CD/DVD Burner

To run Active@ Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burner:

  • 1. From the Active@ Boot Disk shell, click Start > Programs > Active@ Data CD/DVD Burner. This will open Active@ Data CD/DVD Burner dialog box.

    CD/DVD Burner software
  • 2. Place a writable CD/DVD in the drive.
  • 3. To add a file or a folder just right drag & drop the fiel into the Base field. Or you can right click ont eh base field and choose the Add file orAdd folder data type and continue browsing from there.
  • 4. When you find the file or folder you are looking for, select it and click Open. The name of the selected file or folder will appear in the Base area. When browsing you can select multiple files from the same folder and add them to the Root list.

    Root list. Active@ Data Burner
  • 5. To remove an item from the Root list, right click on it and choose Delete.
  • 6. To label the CD/DVD, type a descriptive label in Disc Label.
  • 7. Select a drive and a write speed from the Burner drop-down list.
  • 8. Click BURN DATA!

Files are written to the CD/DVD.

Active@ Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burner: Back up files and folders to CDROMs and DVDROMs
Back up files and folders to CDROMs and DVDROMs