5.2 Registry Editor

You can review and change local registry parameters after loading a registry hive from any partition that is detected by Active@ BootDisk utilities.

If your computer cannot complete a boot-up and if the boot failure is related to registry parameters of a driver or another bootable configuration, you may still be able to fix it by changing registry parameters using Registry Editor.

To use Registry Editor:

  • 1. In order to launch Registry Editor from the Active@ Boot Disk shell, click on Start > Utilities > Registry Editor.
    Registry Editor
  • 2. In the registry hierarchy list, choose either HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_USERS hive.
  • 3. From the File menu, choose Load Hive
    Load Hive
  • 4. The Load Hive dialog box appears.
  • 5. Browse to the primary logical drive (for example, C:) and navigate to Windows\System32\config where you will find the contents of the config folder.
  • 6. Choose a registry hive. For example choose one of:
    • SYSTEM
  • 7. Click Open, which will open the Load Hive dialog box.
  • 8. In Key Name, type a custom name for the hive that you are loading. For example MY_SOFTWARE_HIVE.
    Load Hive dialog box
  • 9. Click OK. The new hive will appear in the registry hierarchy under the root level that you have previously selected in step 2.
  • 10. Open the loaded hive in order to view and edit registry values, create and delete new entries or keys.
  • 11. After you have completed all the changes in the loaded hive, close the Registry Editor. All changes are written to the registry hive that was previously attached.
  • 12. Exit Active@ Boot Disk and restart the computer.