This utility is an easy-to-use, flexible way to take a snapshot of on-screen details in the Active@ Boot Disk environment.

How to use Screenshot marker?

  1. In any Boot Disk application click the Screenshot icon. The Screenshot workspace appears as a semi-transparent overlay.
    • Changing the size and location of the workspace: the Top and Left values change to identify the location of the top left corner, the Height and Width values change to reflect any change in the size of the workspace.
    • For changing the size of the Screenshot workspace, click and drag an edge or a corner of the workspace
    • For changing the location of the workspace, click anywhere on Screenshot and drag to a different location
    • For filling the entire screen, click Maximize.
  2. ALT+TAB keyboard combination may return to the original application.For returning to the original application click an area of the application that is covered by the Screenshot workspace, the focus returns to Screenshot.
  3. For capturing the screen image, click Grab. A semi-transparent image of the screen appears in the workspace.
  4. For clearing the existing screen image, click Clear. The workspace clears.
  5. For saving the screen image, click Save than navigate to the folder where you want to save the image as PNG or BMP.