6.1 System Information

This utility displays in-depth details about your local system.

To open System Information:

In the Active@ Boot Disk shell, click Start > System > System Information. The SysInfo display box appears.

system info

After the SysInfo screen appears, system information details appear in six categories:

  1. System Summary — Operating system, BIOS, Processor, RAM and more.
  2. Installed Devices — All classes of devices, including batteries, drives, human interface devices, controllers, etc.
  3. Environment Variables — Processor architecture, revision number, as well as paths to various tools and operating system utilities.
  4. Display — Current and available display resolutions.
  5. Drives Information about local fixed disks, including amount of free space.
  6. Network IP configuration and specifications for LAN adaptor.

To save all system information to an HTML file:

  1. Click Save SysInfo to file. The Save dialog box appears.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the information.
  3. Name the file in File name and click Save.